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Keep it simple- Stick to solid colors or simple patterns.

Flatter your shape- Wear something that fits and shows your figure well.

Bring makeup wipes!- In case you decide against your lipstick shade or need a touch up!

Keep it natural- Your clothing, makeup and hair should be natural looking.

Coordinate- Plan your color palette to match to get the vibe you're going for!

Be yourself!- You want your photos to look like you! So bare the above recommendations in mind but ultimately wear something you feel comfortable in!

Bring accessories!- If you have a hat, jewelry or anything you'd like to incorporate- Don't forget it!


Wear logos- Don't let logos and known TV characters distract from your personality.

Dress too casual- A photo session is a special occasion so wear business casual or your Sunday best!

Slicked ponytails- Don't wear your hair in a slicked back style unless it's a signature look.

Forego planning- Don't 'wing it' when it comes to outfit coordination. It may seem like a no-brainer but you'll be scrambling on the day of your session if you skip this step and the colors may not match like you imagined!

Try a new style- Definitely don't save it until the day of your session to try something new, this includes makeup and hairstyles- do what you know you like to show your real personality.

Show loose-ends- Make sure to take off all electronic watches, wrist hair-ties or unappealing accessories you don't want showing.

Show too much- Ladies! I know you're loving that new cheetah print bra you bought, but please, when planning your outfit please choose an undergarment pattern that won't show through your clothing! This should also be a no-brainer, but be sure to double check in the sunlight to be sure! Also make sure your bra straps are all covered or can be pulled back to be hidden! (Unless its for boudoir!)

Neon- Don't wear neon, it clashes on camera and steals the focus of every photo!

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