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Why do I make a good photographer?

Who is this chick and why should I choose her?

I believe you should choose me to capture you/your family and friends because I have a natural eye for photography and I promise you won't regret it!

The only problem you'll ever have with our sessions together would be choosing you absolute FAVORITE photos. I find beauty in absolutely everything. I've always been that person who everyone makes fun of for taking too many pictures, or for not being satisfied with the pictures other people take of me. People can never capture the angles I want, therefore I'M the one who always has to take the group pictures because I know what looks good and what I'd want for my own photos.

Another reason would be my editing skills. I feel it's very important to expose the brightness but also the detail of every photo I take. Making each image unique, but also simple and beautiful at the same time is my specialty.

Not just that, but when booking with me you can get the exact photos you were looking for. When booking, there is an application I read through and take all of your wishes very seriously when planning/editing a session in order to give you complete satisfaction every time.

I love learning and experiencing new things which is what makes me a great photographer. I'm up for anything! I'm a learner by doing, so regardless of what vision you have, we can try anything! New ideas are ALWAYS welcomed to fit your vision and I've had some amazing photos come from weird/crazy ideas and even if it doesn't work out or doesn't go how you imagined, I promise we'll have fun trying!

I take I believe I see the world differently than others, I can look at an old, beat down barn and find it beautiful. When I tell you I find beauty in EVERYTHING, I mean it. Since I was old enough to hold a camera, I've always taken photos of everything. Thousands of photos my parents and grandparents had to delete from the cameras because I don't need 60 photos of that single flower taking up all my camera space', which I have to admit hurt my feelings because I worked so hard to try and get it right, but they weren't wrong. I was very young and 98% of the photos I took looked like a complete disaster, but through all of my years I've learned so much about what looks good and the exact moment each photo should be cantured.

Unfortunately being a photographer, I STILL don't have anyone to take my pictures and get the right angles I want. Going on vacation or even just days where my hair looks good, or I'm feeling really good about myself, there is always a level of frustration that comes along with my confidence because I want the beauty and happiness that I feel to be captured exactly how I want it. I've tried so hard to teach my husband exactly what I want but it's hard for him to understand, I basically have to set up the camera and put his arms in position to get the angle I want so all he has to do it push the button to get it right. (It's still a work in progress).

Going on vacation is also a very frustrating thing for me when it comes to photos. Never again will I ask someone to take a photo of me and my husband because it's unbelievable the photos I get from that. Blurry, cutting out half our heads/bodies, or the classic WHOLE FINGER’ in front of the lens.. Whenever we have asked someone in the past, they normally ask us first for a photo then offer to take ours. They can SEE how hard I'm trying to get the right angle and the perfect shot possible with an iPhone, then they go to take ours and barely even look at the screen, much less move, which is extremely frustrating.

The perfect example of this would be when we went to Paris. PARIS. Where you always dream of going as a child and you just have to get the perfect picture with the Eiffel Tower to treasure forever. My husband and I decided to do the boat tour near the Eiffel Tower and I wanted so bad to get our photo taken off the side of the boat with the Statue of Liberty AND the Eiffel Tower in the same shot.. that's not a photo you can take just as a selfie, so we decided to ask this couple for help and I told myself that whatever came out I'd just take the time and whatever effort I needed to edit it and make it perfect, I REALLY wanted it to be perfect. Before we got to the location desired I asked, knowing the time frame for my shot would be limited as the boat was moving.. I got my camera back and had to wait til we were deboarded to view the photos.. I looked the the first picture and I don't even know how they did it. It was a distorted picture of our feet and legs on the boat. It looked as if she had jumped mid photo.. the 2nd was also ONLY our legs and feet.. there was a finger in front of the lens.. those were the only 2 pictures taken and I was crushed. We waited hours to finally get on the boat and it wasn't cheap. We did enjoy the ride but it was still a large let down when my chance for the 'perfect Paris' shot was replaced with this lady's finger instead.

When you book a session with me, I can PROMISE you, this will not be a concern and you will get exactly what you want in every photo. The images I can create for you will be incredible. If you have a vision, I will do everything I can to make it happen regardless of the circumstances.

I take so much pride in photography and am so proud of my work, which is also what makes me the best choice because I'm my own critic. During sessions, I always give my ALL to make sure you will be completely satisfied with the results and always be excited for another session.

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